Saturday, May 14, 2011

P F Chang's -- Corpus Christi, TX

Okay, I know, the long awaited P F Chang's at La Palmera Mall has been around long enough for everyone in town to become familiar with their cuisine and atmosphere. So why am I doing a review? Because there is something you may not know about our P F Chang's. A little secret that I'm going to share with just you, so don't spread it around, because we don't want too many to know about this.

It's the bar. Yes, I said the bar. Rob and I wandered in one night and decided that we would eat at the bar, because the last time we were in we had been seated next to a table of very loud, very cheery, very inebriated young ladies, and then there was the demanding child at another table. We had stopped in at the bar on a previous visit, for a glass of wine after Christmas shopping, and it had been so quiet and pleasant that on this trip we decided that we would just have our meal there.

We sat on the back side of the bar. It has a larger serving area and you can't see the tv's unless you're right in the middle of the bar (you know how I feel about televisions when I'm eating out). We were served by Bobby. Now this is the juicy little secret: Bobby, Miranda, and John. The three of them working together are a HOOT! They are funny, attentive and they play off of each other like a well rehearsed vaudeville act. Now, you need to know that on weekend nights, when you're most likely to find all three of them working together, you want to get there fairly early, because the place becomes a madhouse after about about 6:30 p.m. and they don't have as much time to cut up and entertain the folks at the bar.

We have since been in on a week night when John was the only one of the three working and once on a Friday, during the really busy time, when Miranda and Bobby were working. They are great together, but still a lot of fun on their own. Even with the bar and restaurant full and drink orders coming in at a fevered pitch. Bobby and Miranda stopped by to interact with us and kept an eye on our glasses to be sure that one of them would be there before a glass was empty. Very efficient! And each one has made suggestions on food and wine that were spot on.

If you're looking for a friendly place where you can stop in for a drink and/or have dinner in a pleasant atmosphere, P F Chang's bar won't disappoint. You know the food, now you know the best spot in the place to eat it.

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