Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snapka's Drive In -- Corpus Christi, TX.

This is our stop-for-lunch-on-the-way-home-from-church place. Snapka's is a burger joint. A drive-in burger joint. A drive-in, where the car-hop (translated: waitress) comes to your car, burger joint. It's been around since the late 40's and it's still going strong. They also have seating inside, if you prefer. There are two in town: Snapka's Drive-In #2 at 4760 Leopard and Snapka's Drive-In #3 at 4434 Weber (don't ask me about #1, I don't know).

I can't speak for the Leopard location. Rob and I always eat at #3. They serve Burgers, of course, Tacos, Chalupas, Enchiladas, Fish Sandwich, Chicken Sandwich, Chef Salad, Grilled Cheese and much, much more. I usually get the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. A juicy chicken breast on a bun, dressed with mayo, lettuce and tomato. I always ask for pickles, just because I really like pickles. Always get the basket! The basket includes the sandwich and either fries or onion rings, or a combination of both. For the longest time, Rob would order onion rings and I would get fries. Here's a little something you should know. Get the combination in each basket, because you'll wind up with nearly a full serving of each!

Now, just a word about the fries. I love the fries at Snapka's, because they do them right. They are crinkle cut and fried up to a beautiful golden brown, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. They are not greasy at all, just perfect! The onion rings are really good, too. They are so crunchy and contain a large slice of sweet onion.

Rob usually gets a burger. The burgers come in two sizes. If you order the Burger Basket, you'll get the smaller size, which is plenty for either of us, considering all of the fries and onion rings stacked next to it, in the basket, but if you have a really big appetite, go for the Dixie Burger. It's about twice the size of the regular burger. Both burgers are your basic meat patty with mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion. Of course, they'll add or subtract ingredients to suit you, and it's always good.

Other items we've tried we have to give mixed reviews on. One of Rob's favorites is the Steak Sandwich, though he always regrets having it later (his system, not anything wrong with the sandwich). I really like their Tacos, and I've heard good things about the Chalupas, but if you're looking for a good Mexican Plate (Enchiladas, Rice and Beans), head across the street. Snapka's is not the best place for enchiladas. They do have the best shakes around, though, made with Blue Bell Ice Cream, so you know that's going to be worth the trip all by itself!

The waitresses are friendly, and will visit with you with little encouragement. They will make sure everything is to your liking, and will probably recognize you if you venture in a second time. The atmosphere is cheerful and still has some of the old charm from the era of the Car-Hop. We recommend you give it a try and let us know what menu items you like most.

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